Pedestrian Roadkill

Maybe it’s just me, but don’t most pedestrians seem like morons around motor vehicles? Perhaps their self-preservation instincts shut off when they are walking in and around traffic. It seems abundantly obvious that motor vehicles should always have the right of way, given that in the event of a collision, people on foot stand no chance against automobiles. I understand that there are many situations where, by law, car traffic must yield to foot traffic, but I am speaking in regards to the people who will cross a street without even looking to see if the surrounding vehicles are yielding to them.

Where I come from, it doesn’t matter if you, as the pedestrian, have the right of way or not: you always check to make sure you won’t be hit before crossing in front of traffic. And not only do you stop and check, but you wave towards any vehicles that stopped for you, even if traffic laws dictate they stop for pedestrians. Your wave is a simple, polite way of saying, “Thank you for not running me the **** over.

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