Twenty Twelve

That just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? Not like 2011, which often came out as “twen’y ‘leven” if you were unwilling to take the time to say “two thousand eleven.” Say it one more time, now that you are thinking about your enunciation: 2012.

Despite that heart-warming moment we just shared, I am not writing a post solely on how easy it is to say 2012. I actually set out to write my first actual blog post, ever; it just so happens that this is also my first post of the year 2012, hence the title. It feels good to be writing something, but I am already feeling slightly overwhelmed. It’s not so much the act of writing; it’s actually just the idea that I need to organize my thoughts. Typically my¬†thought process is chaotic at best, so I imagine my first few posts will seem at least slightly scatter-brained. I think most people’s thought process is that way, but they either don’t admit it, or they don’t realize it.

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