Sublime Text 3: Markdown and Live Reload

Recently I have started using the Markdown syntax for all of my notes, to-do lists, etc. due to the readability it offers (not to mention I have been using a similar syntax of my own for years). Obviously one of the biggest perks to using Markdown is that you can quickly generate an HTML document from it for a more polished presentation.

I have also been using Sublime Text for well over a year now, and I absolutely love it. I consider it to be a Vim/Notepad++ hybrid, bringing nearly all of my favorite features (more on that later…) from both together into one editor. Today I wanted to try using Markdown to actually generate an entire webpage, and I quickly realized that I would like to live preview my changes in a browser; enter the Markdown Preview and LiveReload packages.

Setup for this was actually very simple, except for one oversight that took me far too long to resolve…

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