I was finally able to convince the Lord of Lords Lutheran Church to use a WordPress system, mostly so that they could make their own edits without compiling a list and sending it to me once a year. Since their old design relied on basic PHP and mostly static HTML, I decided to make an entirely new design, rather than porting the old one to WordPress.

This design still features blue, as it is the only color in their “color scheme” (if you can call it that) with a splash of orange for contrast. The navigation features drop-down menus, and nearly everything is configurable, including the main menu and all of the content within the footer. Additionally, the home page and search page both utilize WordPress’ built-in widget system, thus enabling the church to customize those pages freely as well without editing the template.


Date Published:September 14, 2011
Services Rendered:PSD, WordPress
Design Styles:Church, Light, Small Business