Blog Template 01


I have never really done much design work for blog layouts. Ryno Studios is currently powered by WordPress, but it is nothing like a blog in terms of structure and layout. I was thinking about that the other day; I can code WordPress designs into themes, but I haven’t designed any blogs. So I realized that I should probably practice making designs that follow the typical blog layout.

I love blue designs, and I really wanted to create a blue/green design. This actually came out very close to an idea I had in my head a few days ago, so I am happy about that as well. This took much longer than my recent templates, mostly because there is so much that needs to go into a blog it seems. I tried to style as many things as possible to show the design is quite modular. I still think the footer looks a little simple/plain, but I don’t have any ideas for that. It certainly fits the design, but I feel I should give it a little more “oomph.”


Date Published:September 13, 2009
Services Rendered:PSD
Design Styles:Blog, Light