Band Store Template 01


I was recently inspired to create a simple design that could be used to list and sell band merchandise. I knew from the start that I wanted a design that would work well for only a smaller inventory, like less than 50 items total. That is why this design would likely be the same width and height on all pages.

When I started designing this, I was just doing it in gray-scale, as my friend’s band’s merchandise only came in black with the logo printed in white. It wasn’t until the layout was fully completed that I decided to add the color and spray paint effects. I really like the concept with the spray paint and drips, but perhaps my execution could be better. I know this motif has been done to death with band stuff, but it works well.


Date Published:August 10, 2009
Services Rendered:PSD
Design Styles:Band, Dark, eCommerce, Grunge, Small Business